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Hamara Paisa is committed to providing a very efficient and effective service for both corporations and individuals.

Hamara Paisa is committed to providing a very efficient and effective service for both corporations and individuals.

Our Training Service is ideal for the employees of your company in order to help them become financially literate.

We are also committed to helping individuals access products via our HP App and website!

Our Training Service is ideal for your employees in order for them to become financially literate.

Hamara Paisa can provide the employees of your company with a comprehensive Training Service which will include financial education, individual advice on achieving financial goals and help with the application of products.

We conduct our training with the minimal of disruption to your organisation and fully appreciate your cooperation!

company services

We are here to help out any individual in need of financial help.

Whatever your financial needs are Hamara Paisa can help you! Use our App and website to learn, search and apply!

individual Services

We have 5 different modules which will cover the different financial products available on the market:

Benefits of having a Bank Account, Savings & Budgeting

Learn about the importance of utilising a Bank account and saving money. Making regular deposits into a Bank where your money is secure can help motivate you to save and in order to save money management skills are important so you can make the most out of the money you have.

Different types of Savings Accounts & Plans

Taking out child education or retirement plans gives you peace of mind that the most important financial events will be taken care of. Whether it’s your child’s education or marriage or the inevitable life expenses once you retire, it’s important to plan for this in good time.

Investment Opportunities

Put your money to use and make it work for you! In this day & age saving money is not enough to beat inflation; investing your money makes it that much easier to achieve your financial goals. Whatever your income there is an investment plan for you.

Life & Health Insurance

Safeguard the future of your family in the unfortunate event of illness or death. Life can be unpredictable and in the event that you are unable to provide an income, rest assured that a plan could help greatly with incurring costs of an illness or absence.

Liability Products –
Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans

Coming soon, whether you need to avail money for a business goal or purchase a home or car or need help with your cash flow; there will be a product for you. In terms of credit cards there is a wide range to choose from depending on your spending preferences, each with their own rewards & benefits.


These are some quotes from individuals who have taken our training

“Previous to the Hamara Paisa workshop, I didn’t have a Bank account. I tried once to open one but did not receive any guidance. The Hamara Paisa team came and instructed us very well and I immediately went with them to open my Bank Account and that makes me very happy.”

“Previously I used to blow all my salary. The Hamara Paisa workshop was very informative and I will be opening a bank account very soon.”

“When I used to get my salary I didn’t know what to do with it, shall I put it in a committee, give it to someone for safe-keeping, put it somewhere. I was worried it may get lost in some way. One day we had a workshop with Hamara Paisa and I learnt that the safest way to save money is to deposit it in a bank. I now understand that I need to open my own Bank Account and save my money there.”

“Hamara paisa has taken responsibility to help empower women and it will hopefully lead to more women coming into the financial banking fold.”

“Hamara Paisa helped me open my own Bank account and guided me very well. Prior to this, I was using my husband’s account and I am very thankful that I have my own Bank account now.”

“Hamara Paisa conducted a Banking Expo where they instructed people on money management and benefits of banking. Their focus was on empowering women by discussing how Banks could help them address their financial responsibilities and needs. We opened several Bank Accounts and it was a good experience to increase interaction between Banks and the consumers.”

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